Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hello and welcome to my first post! Will there be more, and if so, for how long? Who knows! Probably until I get bored with this. I just sometimes feel so compelled to start a blog, just to abandon it later. Sure, I could start a Tumblr, but eh, I never pay much attention to individual Tumblrs, so I assume no one else does. I also don't want to just slip into the habit of having yet another reblog Tumblr.

So, instead, I started this blog, lovingly called Hail Kawaii, to just sort of fritter around on and talk about cute things, because every random cute thing I obsess over doesn't exactly fit on my Lolita blog. I also felt the need to make a completely pastel and ridiculously kawaii layout.

What exactly does Hail Kawaii mean? Nothing really, honestly. I drew that goofy little cute Satan goat a while ago and just have really liked the phrase I decided needed to go with it.